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I am a freelance digital designer and developer with a passion for code and simplicity. I’ve been developing website since the late 1990s.


My focus of clients is in the arts, mindfulness, yoga, and wellness. I work with you to simplify your digital needs and find a solution that makes sense, is cost efficient and makes you and your community happy.


I pride myself in quick, clear responses. Do you need a website, want to fix up your outdated website, or need to integrate some work process that has you confused?

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My Story

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science in 1999 from Philadelphia University. Through the dot com boom to Web 2.0 I’ve worked as a freelance web developer soon after graduation. Although my university studies prepared me with the fundamentals of mathematics and computer science theory, it was my DIY aesthetic that allowed me to roll up my sleeves and really learn the best technologies to help people realize their digital goals. Recently I’ve been focusing on serving clients from the arts, meditation, yoga and wellness communities.

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